Friday, January 25, 2008

Dividing the Spoils at Kings Mountain

From History of the McDowells and Connections, by John Hugh McDowell, pub. 1918, C. B. Johnston:

    After the battle they divided Ferguson's belongings among some of the field officers. To Colonel Cleveland they gave Ferguson's white charger, because he lost his in battle; to Colonel Campbell they gave his correspondence; to Colonel Sevier, his sword and sash; to Colonel Shelby, his large silver whistle; to Major Joe McDowell, they gave his china set, and he gave them to his daughter Ann, who married Captain Charles McDowell of Quaker Meadows, and she gave them to her four daughters—they are in the hands of their descendants to this day. Both of the Joe McDowells of Pleasant Garden and Quaker Meadows, in the great battle above spoken of, commanded the Burke and Rutherford regiments, one on the right wing—the other on the left.