Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gen. Winn, regarding Rocky Mount:

from General Richard Winn's Notes, 1780:

    "...March'd all night at day was ready for Action and Should have completely Surprised the place had it not have been for a Tory Colonel by the Name of Black with about 100 Tory Militia from Broad River to reinforce the Mount they getting to the place late encampt Out with intention of going on Early in the Morning these people we had no Knowledge until we were among them Winn being in the Advance gave them a fire & they Ran and left many of their Horses & Cloathing, this gave the alarm to the Mount, however in a few Minutes the place was attacked Colonels Winn & Niel [sic Andrew Neel], marched up in front of the Abbatis [sic, abatis] and Sustained a heavy fire for some time from the Block House which was returned, here Colo Niel [Neel] was Killed. Colo Winn being in a Clear Old field and finding his Men much Exposed Ordered a Retr[ea]t for a Small Distance...."